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Drones give us the ability to capture amazing views that are not possible any other way. However, getting started in RC aerial photography can be a daunting task! Have no fear, you’ve come to the right place! We will teach you everything you need to know get started ! Learn from these lessons in my flight school and become a member today!

Chris  Newman
Chris Newman
Professional Drone Pilot

About the Instructor

Chris Newman is a passionate professional remote controlled aerial videographer/photographer. Seven years in film and cinematography helped as a foundation in his aerial career. His passion and drive leads to amazing, dynamic, and cinematic shots. Equipped with technical ability, he designs and maintains his own helicopters that can heft cameras up to the Red Epic. A sampling of his clients include: Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Bear Naked Granola, Devin Super Tramp, Bass Pro Shops, Corridor Digital, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Goal Zero, and Contour Camera. He has also recently filmed the aerials for a Robert Duvall Feature Film and for IMAX in Haiti.

Course Contents

6 Videos
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