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Aerial video multicopters, or “drones” with video cameras attached, give us the ability to capture amazing views that are not possible any other way. However, getting started in RC aerial photography can be a daunting task! Have no fear, you’ve come to the right place! We will teach you everything you need to know! Whether you’re just getting into the game or are a seasoned professional, there is much to be learned. I am teaching the total accumulation of all the knowledge I’ve gained working full time in this profession for years. You need to know more than how to fly a remote-controlled multirotor to be successful in this industry; you need the ability to pull off cinematic shots that will impress the client. You need to know how to fix your helicopter or replace parts. You need to know how to run a business. No longer do you need to search through forum after forum for information. These tutorials and more are all here in one place! Learn from these lessons in my flight school and become a member today!

Course Curriculum

Module 3 | Chapter 8 | CDU Member Interviews
Module 4 | Virtual Job Shadow (BTS)
Part 107 Boot Camp

What's included?

185 Videos
7 Quizzes
44 Texts
2 Disqus
Chris  Newman
Chris Newman
Professional Drone Pilot

About the instructor

Chris Newman is a passionate professional remote controlled aerial videographer/photographer. Seven years in film and cinematography helped as a foundation in his aerial career. His passion and drive leads to amazing, dynamic, and cinematic shots. Equipped with technical ability, he designs and maintains his own helicopters that can heft cameras up to the Red Epic. A sampling of his clients include: Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Bear Naked Granola, Devin Super Tramp, Bass Pro Shops, Corridor Digital, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Goal Zero, and Contour Camera. He has also recently filmed the aerials for a Robert Duvall Feature Film and for IMAX in Haiti.

What others have been saying about this course:

Patrick McConnell

Great Course

Always fresh content presented in a friendly manner by a pro. A must have tool for the serious remote pilot.

Adam Orchard

CDU helped me change my future

I just wanted to make a quick post about how much CDU has helped me in changing my stars. I don't come from a film or photography background. In fact, before I got a drone I didn't know anything about ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, f-stop or anyt...

Teyler Hurst

Phenominal Content that is ever expanding

Chris and his team are straight up bad-asses. Do I need to say more? Well I am anyway... a little less than a year ago maybe about 9-10 months, I decided to pursue this drone photography thing, with no background what so ever in anything photogr...

Noel Talavera

CDU & Chris Newman Will Take You Where You Want To Go

I am so happy that I took his course. With all the gimmicks and scams online, it was scary to give away my credit card information. But I have NO regrets. I instantly felt like an insider as he took me behind the scenes, through his personal exper...

Joe Gurkovich

Module 1 - Drone

Every Section provided details of Drone technology and business that would take years of trial and error experiences to learn !

David Cooper

Amazing information that is delivered with exact amount of emphasis in the course as well as the forums

Whether new to the sUAS industry or seasoned photographer or aviation enthusiast, this course will increase your knowledge of photography, use of Drones/sUAS in videography as well as help you navigate the intracies of the newly expanding usage of...

Don Curo

What an amazing course CCDU is!

I was a bit hesitant at first when I watched the free webinar pitch that hyped us up on signing up for CCDU. I thought that it's quite a bit of money for such an online course. I must say my doubts were soon squashed as soon as I discovered the we...

Michael Finn

Amazing Course!

If you are thinking about starting out in the sUAS industry or even if you are already running...you have got to sign up for this course. It covers everything you could possibly imagine and then some! Chris Newman is an amazing instructor and ha...

Phillip Prest

Cinechopper Drone University gave me the needed info to start my Aerial Photography Career

Chris has created not just a Classroom experience but rather a Place for all CCDU members to learn from each other. What makes this organization so great, beyond Chris's knowledge and experience, is the fact that he will come right out and ask us...

christopher generette


Awesome course and well worth the money, the community interaction and abundance of knowledge is priceless. Good job CineChopper U.

vance cassaro

Great information to get you started

I thought the program was really good, great info, straight to the point, useful techniques! Thx Chris for all the info! Vance

Jay Hovanec


I can't say enough good things about this course! It explains in detail just about everything you need to know about flying a UAV for filming. Chris is very personable, has a vast knowledge of the business, and is always open to new ideas and sugg...

Todd Ruffin

CineChopper University review

This is the best money I have spent as a business Owner. I was skeptical at first. I had a lot of previous experience with video and cameras, so naturally I wondered if it would be worth it. It is 100% worth it! Chris Newman cares about thi...

Jovany Jimenez

Just Epic

This tutorial goes over everything I can possibly think of with regards to aerial drone footage. Chris has taken an extraordinary amount of time and effort to bring simple tips to save you the hustle of starting off. The course is well paced, orga...

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