Your Guide to passing the FAA Part 107 Exam FAST!


No Question, It's Worth It!

From Jeff Fuchs

If anyone is curious about the value of CineChopper University CDU FAA Part 107 Bootcamp Training, I can only speak for myself, but to me it was more than worth it. I followed it step by step inclu...

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Simply Awesome! Aced the Exam!

From Tim King

This course was worth every penny! Super short little video clips of what you need to know. Went through the boot-camp twice and took the practice exam until I was scoring a 90% or higher (about 4 ...

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Part 107 Success

From Justin Humphrey

This training course is the perfect tool to get you ready for the Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam. Everything you need is in this course. I took extra precautions and sought out other sources of informa...

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Only stop for 107 prep

From Teyler Hurst

Hello there, just wanted to give my 2cents - this course is amazing. CDU went all out in making sure this is a fully rounded study prep. I am a horrible test taker, and was worried so I purchas...

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Excellent Source for the Part 107

From Wesley Bear

Among the multiple materials used for studying, and learning the material, CDU is by-far the best way to go. Not only do they cover ALL required areas, CDU also enables you to LEARN to material, no...

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I past the test!!

From Jeffery Noble

This bootcamp course helped me get 78% on the FAA Part 107 test! Thanks for all the help!


From Garrett Matthews

Studied this boot camp and the suggested app off and on for about 3 weeks. Passed! Money well spent. Thank you Garrett

Great program

From Richard Lewis

I just passed my Part 107, I am ready for commercial use, I used the boot camp for 3 weeks, studied and passed with a nice score, The only other study material I used was the Remote Pilot app for t...

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From Todd DeRose

Chris your BootCamp is awesome! I learned so much that I feel confident that I could take the FAA Part107 and pass. There is so much information that is needed to know about our skies above our hea...

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Loved It

From tyler sugden

If you are starting your quest to obtain a P107, then you've probably heard the test is not something you can expect to pass without a great deal of studying. But what do you study? How do you st...

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Exactly what you need to succeed

From Travis Moore

When facing the many unknowns of the FAA certification process, I knew I could trust Cinechopper to get me to the finish line. The best thing about the prep course is that it is so consumable. T...

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From darriel herron

Signed up for the full course and 107 boot camp. Boot camp was a great way to get all the nessary information without overwhelming you with redundant unnecessary information that does not nessasari...

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I passed my Part 107

From Wesley Dean

Using this course was a huge help in studying for my test. I had tried reading through the big study guide, but having everything broken down for you so easily, and knowing what to focus on made t...

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Passed on first try after using this course

From Nick Rasmussen

This was a great course. It's very easy to get through pretty quickly, while still retaining the information. The practice quiz app was a great way for me to make sure I could take the test, confid...

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This course was an integral part in me passing my part 107 test!

From Bobby Gibson

The CDU FAA PART 107 Bootcamp Training was an integral part in me passing my 107. The course makes the process a lot easier to understand and really gives you a solid overview of what will be on t...

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Part 107 Boot Camp

From John Reynolds

Chris Your 107 course is very well presented and to the point and It has all the essential points covered for the test I took a couple of private pilot courses years ago and found them to be lac...

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Passed my exam!!!

From Daniel Tobias

Really glad I decided to enroll in CineChopper University. The information Chris Newman is putting out is outstanding. I used part 107 boot camp and the remote pilot app (suggested in boot camp) t...

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  • Intro
  • Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement (Download)
  • Acronyms, Abbreviations and Glossary
  • Part 107 Cheat Sheet

1 Part 107 Rules


  • 1.1 Part 107 Eligibility
  • 1.2 Night Operations
  • 1.3 Maximum Speed and Altitude
  • 1.4 Right of Way Rules
  • 1.5 Pre-flight Checklist
  • 1.6 Certificate of Waiver
  • 1.7 Operations From a Moving Vehicle
  • 1.8 Contingency Planning-Flyaways
  • 1.9 Operations Over Non-Participants
  • 1.10 Drone Maintenance
  • 1.11 Lost Link Procedures
  • 1.12 Accident Reporting
  • 1.13 Battery Fires
  • 1.14 Abnormal and Emergency Situations
  • 1.15 NTIA
  • Practice Quiz #1

2 Crew Resource Managment


  • 2.1 Crew Roles
  • 2.2 Task Management : Hazardous Attitudes
  • 2.3 Hyperventilation and Stress Management
  • 2.4 Drugs and Alcohol
  • Practice Quiz #2

3 Aircraft Performance


  • 3.1 Load Factor
  • 3.2 How to Calculate Load Factor
  • 3.3 Center of Gravity Performance
  • 3.4 Weight and Balance
  • 3.5 Performance

4 Weather


  • 4.1 True North vs Magnetic North
  • 4.2 METARS
  • 4.3 TAF's
  • 4.4 Weather Briefing
  • 4.5 Visibility and Cloud Clearance Requirements
  • 4.6 Thunderstorms
  • 4.7 Stable vs Unstable Air
  • 4.8 Fog
  • 4.9 Surface Friction
  • Practice Quiz #4



  • 5.1 NOTAMS & TFR’s
  • 5.2 AGL VS MSL / Towers
  • 5.3 Longitude and Latitude
  • 5.4 AIRSPACE
  • 5.6 Sectional Chart Symbols
  • 5.6.5 Sectional Chart Symbols Part 2
  • 5.7 Airport Traffic
  • 5.7.5 Astronomical Chart Download
  • 5.7.6 Aeronautical Chart Quick Reference Download
  • 5.8 Airport Legend
  • 5.9 Locating an Obstacle

Part 107 Practice Exam


  • Final Remarks
  • Practice Exam
  • IACRA FORM - You must do this after you PASS the Exam!
  • Part 107 FEEDBACK

About Your Instructor

Chris  Newman

Chris Newman

Professional Drone Pilot

Chris Newman is a passionate professional remote controlled aerial videographer/photographer. Seven years in film and cinematography helped as a foundation in his aerial career. His passion and drive leads to amazing, dynamic, and cinematic shots. Equipped with technical ability, he designs and maintains his own helicopters that can heft cameras up to the Red Epic. A sampling of his clients include: Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Bear Naked Granola, Devin Super Tramp, Bass Pro Shops, Corridor Digital, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, Goal Zero, and Contour Camera. He has also recently filmed the aerials for a Robert Duvall Feature Film and for IMAX in Haiti.


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